Ghostface Killah Martin Shkreli Is a S***head! Release 'Shaolin' to the People

1/22/2016 8:09 AM PST

Ghostface Killah: Screw Martin Shkreli! Release 'Shaolin' to the People


Martin Shkreli can take his $2 million and shove it ... at least according to Ghostface Killah who says Shkreli doesn't deserve to be the sole owner of Wu-Tang Clan's album. 

Ghostface and Wu affiliated rapper Killah Priest were in downtown L..A. when we asked about Shkreli's FBI arrest, and what should happen to the "Once Upon a Time in Shaolin" album he secretly purchased.

You gotta see Ghost unload ... we haven't heard anyone from the Wu this pissed about Shkreli. In a nutshell, he thinks the guy is a "sh**head" for infamously jacking up the price of cancer/AIDS meds. 

As for the album ... he clearly was NOT down with selling it to one person in the first place.