Trey Songz Landlord Claims He Turned My Home into a Gutter

7/14/2016 7:08 AM PDT

Trey Songz -- Landlord Claims He Turned My Canyon Home into a Gutter


Trey Songz is in a battle royale with his former landlord, and if you believe the landlord either Trey or one of his boyz is a sore loser at bowling.

Trey rented the Bell Canyon pad -- west of the San Fernando Valley -- back in 2014 for $22k a month. Two years later when he moved out he went to his mailbox everyday looking for a check for $44k -- the amount of his security -- but the box was empty, so he filed a lawsuit.

The landlord fired back that Trey tore the place apart. Among the $92,750 in alleged damages, the landlord says there were 130 broken tiles, nasty carpet odors from pets, damage to the movie theater, torn up pool table felt, and a busted up bowling alley. 

3 strikes and you're out.