Boosie Hey Capital One Here's What's Not in My Wallet ... $351k!!!

7/19/2016 12:20 AM PDT

Boosie: Hey Capital One ... Here's What's Not In My Wallet ... $351k!!!


Boosie claims his bank account has been drained by people who hacked into his account ... and he's now poorer to the tune of $351,000.

Boosie says 2 years ago his driver's license was stolen, and someone used the information to gain access to his Capital One account and siphoned off chunks of cash ... $80k in one instance, $50k in another, and so on, according to docs obtained by TMZ. There were a number of transactions with 8 different names.

The rapper doesn't say why it took him 2 years to file a claim with Capital One, but better late than never, right? So he's asking the bank to reverse all the charges.

Some have already been reversed, but Boosie wants to be made whole.