Peter Tosh Turns Pawn Star Kin Hocks Grammy & Guitar

8/8/2016 12:30 AM PDT

Peter Tosh's Kin Hocks Grammy & Guitar to Pawn Shop


August 10 1:10 PM: The Peter Tosh estate released a statement regarding Tosh's hocked Grammy and guitar: " In addition to Peter's M16 guitar and other personal effects, both his Grammy Award and Martin acoustic guitar are in the possession of the administrator of the Peter Tosh Estate, which will be displayed for the first time ever this year at the new Peter Tosh Museum Grand Opening in New Kingston, JA, fittingly on October 19th, which is Peter's Earth Strong Day."

One of reggae legend Peter Tosh's family members totally sold him out -- unloading a couple of treasured pieces of memorabilia to a pawn shop ... TMZ has learned.

The late singer's 1987 Grammy now belongs to Dylan McDermitt of LBC Pawn in Somerville, MA. McDermitt says a Tosh family member came into his store about 5 months ago, looking to unload the Grammy for Best Reggae Recording and one of Peter's Martin acoustic guitars.

McDermitt jumped at the opportunity and snatched the Grammy for $4k and the guitar for $2k more. He hinted the relative -- whose name he doesn't want to reveal -- was hocking the items due to a family battle over Tosh's estate.

The OG Wailer did not have a will when was shot and killed in 1987.

If you're interested in the Tosh gear -- McDermitt estimates the guitar's worth about $15k, and $20k for the Grammy ... but it's a pawn shop. Everything's negotiable.