Amy Schumer Condemns 'Friend' For Mocking Rape Victims

8/17/2016 2:30 PM PDT

Amy Schumer Condemns 'Friend' For Mocking Rape Victims

Amy Schumer is appalled her friend and fellow comedian, Kurt Metzger, chose to defend someone accused of rape ... by mocking rape victims.

Amy went public Wednesday, saying she was saddened and disappointed at Metzger's sarcastic and profanity-laced posts ... in which he blamed "internet feminists ... for not constantly urging everyone to go to cops FIRST."

Metzger's pissed about allegations another comedian, Aaron Glaser, raped several women in NYC -- and he claims the alleged victims didn't go to police. He went on to urge feminists to "Pull your heads out of your c**** and your c**** out of your blogs, and try actually helping victims."

The PR nightmare for Amy is Metzger has appeared on her Comedy Central show multiple times. She calls him a "great writer," but denies reports he writes for her show ... despite his IMDB credits.

Most importantly, Amy added she "couldn't be more against [Metzger's] recent actions."  

We reached out to Comedy Central, so far no word back.