Paris Jackson Tearful Plea to Cyberbullies Why So Much Hate?!

9/15/2016 6:37 AM PDT

Paris Jackson's Makes Tearful Plea to Cyberbullies

Paris Jackson broke down in tears over a wave of hatred she's receiving on the Internet ... and said it's the same thing she went through when she tried to commit suicide at 14.

In the raw, emotional video she wonders why there's "so much hatred in the world." She explained she'd quit social media after cyberbullying drove her to attempt killing herself ... but she returned and made her Instagram account public at the request of fans.

She acknowledges she's an "easy target" and understands she's not the only one going through this. Paris even references her friend Sofia Richie and the hate she's getting from Justin Bieber fans.

But 18-year-old Paris seems strong and defiant, pleading to bullies ... "When you say damaging things like that to people it f**** them up."