Kim Kardashian Camera May Have Caught Robbers

10/5/2016 10:06 AM PDT

Camera May Have Caught Kim Kardashian Robbers

Kim Kardashian is closer to busting the thieves who broke into her apartment and stole her jewelry, because a CCTV camera reportedly caught a reflection of them in a mirror during their getaway.

Paris cops seized the footage Tuesday morning from the Bel Ange nail salon near Kim's apartment, according to The Sun. A camera inside the store faced a large mirror outside and reportedly got a clear shot of the crooks as they fled through a small retail area. 

We spoke with the nail salon owner ... she insists they did not turn over any video to cops, but says the footage might be from another store in the shopping area.

A second camera reportedly caught the robbers as they continued through an unlocked backdoor down a parking lot corridor ... according to European press.

Cops reportedly have collected evidence -- including cigarette butts -- from the shopping center and they're doing DNA tests ... the assumption being the crooks have a record and their DNA is on file.

As we reported, there is no surveillance footage from Kim's apartment.