Charlie Sheen See You For Game 7, Cleveland

11/2/2016 7:49 AM PDT

Charlie Sheen's Flying to World Series Game 7 in Cleveland


Charlie Sheen, the most famous Cleveland Indian in moviedom, is about to be wheels-up for Game 7 of the World Series.

A source close to Sheen tells local business owners Tony Madalone of Fresh Brewed Tees and Bobby George of Corporate Management Group are doing what neither the team nor the league could ... get the 'Wild Thing' to the game. We're told Sheen's taking his private jet to Cleveland this afternoon, and he's got a full day of activities in the CLE ahead of him.

Our source tells us Sheen's been given tickets to the game, and his benefactors are hoping to get him a prime seat, just a few rows behind the Indians dugout. Translation: TV face time.

Madalone, a die hard Cleveland fan says, "There's no better way to rally everyone than to bring Wild Thing to Cleveland." George says the movie scene with Vaughn gives him chills. The two were connected to Sheen through music producer GT.

We're also told there are plans to have Charlie meet with some of the Cleveland Cavaliers -- since they've actually won a championship already.

Charlie's all set ... and by the looks of it, he's got the perfect bag packed for his trip to Believeland!