Marilyn Monroe Estate Sues Lingerie Line ... Keep This Blondie Out of Your Panties

11/10/2016 12:30 AM PST

Marilyn Monroe Estate Sues Lingerie Line


Marilyn Monroe's pretty mug is being used to put asses in panties ... and now her estate's suing the lingerie line behind it to get them to stop.

The estate claims a lingerie company is blatantly trying to profit off the blonde bombshell's fame, and in doing so is confusing customers into thinking the underwear is an officially licensed product.

According to the docs ... the company's plastering Marilyn's face onto packaging and tags for its line. The estate says it fired off several warnings, but the retail panty parade continued.

The estate's suing to stop future sales, collect profits from previous sales and destroy all existing merch with Marilyn's image.