T-Pain His Lawn Is Sprung But His Ass Is Grass If He Doesn't Mow

11/27/2016 12:30 AM PST

T-Pain Issued Notice to Clean Up Front Yard


T-Pain is letting the grass grow under his feet ... and it could cost him big time. 

Officials in Leon County, Tallahassee issued the singer 2 notices last week to clean up his front yard by early December, or face daily fines that could stack up to $20k. 

The county's Code Enforcement Board heard testimony last month which painted T-Pain as a hoarder and a slob when it comes to basic landscaping. He was a no-show for the public hearing. 

According to court docs, his front yard grass and shrubbery are already longer than 18 inches -- and he has a ton of "junk" that's been sitting in the yard for more than 2 weeks. 

Greener? Who knows, but it's definitely longer at T-Pain's crib.

We reached out to him ... no word back.