Chrissy Teigen LOVES Working Out ... With Wine & Fries

12/16/2016 8:34 AM PST

Chrissy Teigen LOVES Working Out with Wine and Fries

Chrissy Teigen has the best holiday diet plan we've ever seen, and thankfully she's introducing it in a tiny leotard ... and NO bra.

Chrissy did her take on '80s aerobics videos -- shout-out to Olivia Newton-John -- for LOVE magazine's advent, and it's dripping with her personality.

If you like wine, hot dogs and greasy fries as much as working out you're gonna dig what she's done here. And even if you hate all of those things, there's Chrissy ... and that ya can't hate.

Warning: Don't let the first 10 seconds throw you off. #baitandswitch #thegoodkind