Kellyanne Conway I'm Moving My Family to D.C.! If I Can Sell 'Em On It

12/21/2016 12:40 AM PST

Kellyanne Conway's Moving Her Fam to D.C. If She Can Sell 'Em On It


Kellyanne Conway's hinting she's one major step closer to a permanent gig with the Prez-elect -- but first she's gotta convince someone other than Donald Trump

We got the campaign honcho in NYC where she broke the news ... she's heading south to D.C. She's already pretty far into the planning process too, but says there's one little family speed bump in the way. Kellyanne also sounds concerned about a possible Trump backlash in the Beltway.

Kinda funny to see the woman who rescued Trump's campaign worry about anything. 

And you gotta see the jab she took at Jay Z and Beyonce. #fearless