Carrie Fisher Makeshift Walk of Fame Star Stays ... For Now

12/28/2016 9:48 AM PST

Carrie Fisher's Makeshift Walk of Fame Star Gets to Stay For Now


Carrie Fisher fans don't have to worry about the makeshift star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame disappearing ... at least not yet.

A rep for the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce tells TMZ ... they're inclined to leave the shrine alone so fans of the legendary actress can have a place to mourn. The rep added they'll remove it in a few days, but for now the star on Orange and Hollywood Blvd. stays.

It's interesting ... Carrie's fans were stunned to learn she doesn't have a star on Hollywood's iconic sidewalks following news of her death Tuesday. This also happened back in April when Prince died.

The rep tells us back then they followed the same protocol -- allow fans to mourn ... but the star was eventually removed.

As for a permanent star ... the Chamber says someone needs to nominate Carrie, but now that she's passed, there's a 5-year waiting period before she becomes eligible.