Teresa & Joe Giudice Your Old Crib's Not Bad Juju ... But It's Still Gotta Go

1/2/2017 12:40 AM PST

Teresa & Joe Giudice's Former NJ Home Gets Demolished


Teresa and Joe Giudice's rap sheet with the feds has nothing to do with their old Jersey Shore crib getting torn down -- it has everything to do with turning a quick profit.

We're told the new homeowners plan to tear down the home and sell the lot  ... which they bought last August for $127k.

You'd think the new owners were superstitious about the house, since the previous owners both landed in the big house. But, we're told they actually had no idea who had previously owned the house when they bought it off the bank.

The Giudices bought the home for $347k in 2005. The bank foreclosed on it and put it up for auction last year but there were no bidders. The bank bought it back for $100.