Martin Shkreli Banned From Twitter ... Over Obsession With Lauren Duca

1/8/2017 10:27 AM PST

Martin Shkreli Gets Banned From Twitter After Harassing Lauren Duca


Lauren Duca got Martin Shkreli suspended Sunday from Twitter after a simple invite to Trump's inauguration turned into creepy online harassment.

Duca -- a writer for Teen Vogue -- reached out to Twitter's CEO and founder Jack Dorsey after Shkreli initially offered Lauren a +1 to the inauguration last week, which quickly escalated into stalking territory when she shot him down. 

Afterward, Shkreli turned his Twitter page into a shrine for Lauren ... insinuating they were a couple, despite her frequent rejections. 

Now, it looks like Martin's trolling has gotten him booted from the Twitter-verse. 

She brings the point home in our video ... she and Martin will never be a thing, or won't even talk, unless he changes his tune.