Charlie Sheen Trump Presidency Will Crash & Burn ... Legally Speaking

1/11/2017 12:30 AM PST

Charlie Sheen Says Trump Won't Last 4 Years


Donald Trump's opponents better get their jabs in now, 'cause they won't have him in the White House for too long ... if renowned political pundit Charlie Sheen is right.

When we got Charlie at LAX he went off about Meryl Streep's attack on Trump, and quickly piled on ... calling out the Prez-elect for missing 2 key qualities.

As for the nation moving forward -- Charlie sees only one word in Trump's future. Think Tricky Dick or Bubba.

It's interesting -- some huge celebs, like Oprah, have held their tongues on Trump for fear of incurring his Twitter wrath. Clearly, that ain't Charlie.