Milla Jovovich NO WAY My 9-Year-Old Can Watch Herself in New 'Evil' Flick

1/26/2017 7:02 AM PST

Milla Jovovich's 9-Year-Old Is in New 'Resident Evil' But Can't Watch It


Milla Jovovich's standing firm against letting her 9-year-old daughter watch "Resident Evil: The Final Chapter" ... even though the kid played a key role in the new flick.

We caught up with Milla Wednesday at LAX and asked her about keeping 'Evil' in the family. Remember ... Milla's hubby, Paul W.S. Anderson, wrote and directed the series, and it now includes daughter Ever Gabo, who plays Red Queen -- a diabolical holographic avatar.

But it sounds like Ever's got some growing up to do before she gets the full Hollywood experience.