Joanna Krupa Goes Fishing for Brandi 411 In Vagina Lawsuit

1/27/2017 11:19 AM PST

Joanna Krupa Goes Fishing for Brandi Granville Info in Vagina Lawsuit


Joanna Krupa's demanding to pore over Brandi Glanville's financial docs ... to figure out how much she'll take from Brandi in the "smelly" vagina defamation lawsuit.

A judge gave Joanna the green light to go for punitive damages in the case, and that means she and her lawyers have to determine how much cash Brandi has. The docs will give the judge a clearer picture of how to punish Brandi if she loses the suit.

In the docs, Joanna requests Brandi's balance sheets, bank accounts and tax returns, plus any gifts valued at over $1k. This move comes on the heels of a judge ordering Joanna to hand over her gynecological records to help prove or disprove the smell at the heart of this case.

Joanna's lawyer, Raymond J. Rafool, tells TMZ ... they want to punish Brandi for her "vile" statement.