Dr. Luke Kesha Dragged Lady Gaga into Our War Texted Rape Allegations

1/31/2017 8:38 AM PST

Dr. Luke Says Kesha Texted False Rape Allegations to Lady Gaga

Dr. Luke is FURIOUS after finding out Kesha texted Lady Gaga alleging he raped another artist ... and now he's fighting back.

Dr. Luke filed docs asking a judge to let him add a defamation claim in his legal war with Kesha after he says his team found out she texted Gaga alleging there's another rape victim.

In the docs, Dr. Luke says the text is proof Kesha's on a "malicious campaign to destroy" his reputation and career. To be clear, the texts in question don't specifically name Dr. Luke but he believes the insinuation is far too clear.

Kesha also filed her own docs, saying Dr. Luke's got a vendetta against her because he's failed to let her return to work and release new music.