'Ellen DeGeneres Show' Big 'Titi' Win In Name Game Lawsuit

2/16/2017 9:02 AM PST

'Ellen DeGeneres Show' Wins 'Titi' Lawsuit, Judge Says Lighten Up!


Ellen DeGeneres' wisecrack about boob piercings forced a judge to actually break down the English language for the woman suing Ellen's show ... before tossing the case out of court.

You'll recall a Georgia woman sued the show producers in June after Ellen -- during a segment called "What's Wrong with These Signs?" -- pronounced real estate agent Titi Pierce's name like "titty" instead of "Tee Tee."

In the docs, the judge articulated exactly why Ms. Titi's got no case:

"The letter 'i' in the English language can be pronounced in several ways. While Titi chooses to pronounce her name with "e," there is nothing demonstrably false in pronouncing it with "i" as DeGeneres did."

Class dismissed.