Robert Durst Surprise Witness He Confessed to Murder

2/16/2017 11:11 AM PST

Robert Durst -- Surprise Witness Says He Confessed to Murder

Prosecutors presented a new witness they want to testify in the Robert Durst murder trial, claiming the star of 'The Jinx' confessed to the woman he's accused of murdering that he killed his wife.

The witness is Nathan "Nick" Allen Chavin, who showed up in court with bodyguards. He's the former boss of Susan Giordano, who prosecutors implied was Durst's lover.

Chavin just testified Susan Berman told him Durst confessed to her he had killed his wife. 

Durst is facing trial for allegedly murdering Berman back in 2000. Prosecutors say Berman was about to blow the whistle on Durst, claiming he confessed to her he killed his first wife back in 1982. Durst was never tried for the death of his wife.

The judge has not ruled whether Chavin can testify at trial.