Kellyanne Conway Kneeling Couch Potato for HBCU Photo Op with Prez

2/28/2017 6:52 AM PST

Kellyanne Conway Kneels On Oval Office Couch For Trump's HBCU Photo

Kellyanne Conway threw manners out the Oval Office window to take a snapshot of Donald Trump with leaders of black universities and colleges.

Kellyanne left her high heel shoes on as she knelt on a couch to take a photo of the prez and dozens of reps for Historically Black Colleges and Universities Monday. She immediately got ripped on social media for the extreme lack of etiquette.

If you're inclined to give her the benefit of the doubt ... she was just trying to get a better angle for the shot. On the other hand, kneeling in the Oval almost always gets ya in trouble.