Stephen Dorff Bank Comes a Callin' for $800k

3/8/2017 4:58 PM PST

Stephen Dorff's Bank Comes a Callin' for $800k


Stephen Dorff has huge line of credit with his bank, but he's fully tapped out ... and nearly a million in the hole ... according to legal docs.

City National Bank says the actor and his production company opened a line of credit for $800,000 last year, but maxed it out. He was supposed to pay it all back by the end of 2016, but in docs filed Wednesday in L.A. ... the bank says he's gone radio silent.

As a result it's suing him for the full amount plus interest ... bringing his total due to $805,953.23, as of Feb. 28 -- plus another $10 in late fees. The bank points out the clock is ticking, and so is the interest.

We reached out to Stephen's reps. No word back yet.