Prince William Check My '90s Dance Moves in the Club! (AWESOME VIDEOS)

3/14/2017 7:15 AM PDT

Prince William Shows Off '90s Dance Moves in AWESOME VIDEO!


BEST dance moves from a future King ... EVER ... goes to Prince William in this video.

Wills raised the roof like he was straight outta Buckingham, or just the '90s, during a ski trip to Verbier, Switzerland with some buddies. Kate can rest easy, her Prince was thot-free while starting a personal dance revolution ... around 10:30 PM.

He saved his best moves for "I Got 5 On It" ... but stayed on the floor for some EDM too.

He's still not quite in Prince Harry's class when it comes to partying, but well played, Wills.

Hand him the crown, already.