Chance The Rapper Most Creative Intern Applicant?

3/28/2017 12:46 PM PDT

Chance the Rapper's Most Creative Intern Applicant?

The hustle is real for Chance the Rapper's open position for an intern, with one applicant going so far as to create a resume that reads like he's going on tour with Chance.

The Chicago MC put a job posting on Twitter saying he needed someone who could help write biz proposals. One applicant named Hospey responded by building a website called, "Hospey Presents: The Cover Letter Tour." Instead of tour dates it lists his work history, including the first time he saw Chance live.

Hospey also wrote an essay about that one time he traveled 15 hours to see Chance, and compared his work experience to his potential boss, saying ... "Similar to the ideologies of Chance the Rapper, my venture has stayed 100% independent."

A little ass kissing can go a long way.