BLM's Johnetta Elzie Kendall & Pepsi Insulted Me! I'd Be Shot If I Pulled That

4/5/2017 1:57 PM PDT

Kendall Jenner's Pepsi Ad a 'Personal Insult' to BLM Leader Johnetta Elzie


Civil rights activist Johnetta Elzie is slamming Kendall Jenner for pretending to be something she's not in that Pepsi ad, and mocking the real work of real-life protesters.

'Netta, one of the Black Lives Matter leaders, isn't letting Kendall or the soda co. off the hook for what she calls an insulting marketing ploy. She explained how the results would be way more violent if she tried to hand a Pepsi can to a cop during a rally.

Johnetta also shouts out women who took part in actual protests across the country ... and calls out Pepsi for going radio silent when there was real work to be done in the community.