United Airlines CEO We Gotta Use Common Sense ... Vows No Repeat Dragging

4/12/2017 6:42 AM PDT

United Airlines CEO Says Cops Will Never Remove a Booked Passenger Again

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United's CEO, Oscar Munoz, is promising cops will never board another one of his flights to remove a booked passenger again.

Munoz also apologized again to Dr. David Dao, his family and all passengers who witnessed the now infamous dragging of Dao. During his 'GMA' interview ... he added the airline would be looking into policy changes ... including the forceful removal of passengers.

He's clearly aware of the social media backlash over his initial use of "re-accommodate" to describe the incident, and made an effort to explain the poor choice of words.

Let the mea culpa tour begin ... especially after United's Tuesday stock fall wiped $255 mil off its market cap.