Charlie Murphy Very Funny Friends Celebrate His Life 'Darkness Is Spreading ...'

4/20/2017 8:39 AM PDT

Charlie Murphy's Life Celebrated by Famous Comedians

Charlie Murphy was laid to rest in NYC and his memorial service looked like a comedy hall of fame.

Dave Chappelle, D.L. Hughley, George Lopez, Eddie Griffin, Cedric the Entertainer, Donnell Rawlings and Neal Brennan all gathered to honor Charlie. 

Donnell and Neal worked closely with Charlie on "Chappelle's Show" and there were many callbacks to his hysterical work on the Comedy Central classic.

For instance, Eddie Griffin captioned a pic from the service, "Darkness is spreading ... paying last respects to brother Charlie Murphy."

It's unclear if Eddie Murphy was at this particular service. He didn't appear in social media pics from the event. Charlie died last week after battling leukemia.