Treach Defends Tupac with Violent Diss Track Funkmaster Flex Is Banned!

5/12/2017 12:40 AM PDT

Treach Stands Up for Tupac, Drops Violent Diss Track Against Funkmaster Flex


Tupac's name is being dragged through the mud according to his homie, Treach ... who got so pissed at DJ Funkmaster Flex he just dropped a diss track filled with violent threats.

The Naughty by Nature legend is on the attack after Flex claimed last week Tupac lied about his 1994 shooting because he knew Notorious B.I.G. had nothing to do with it. According to Flex, Biggie got shot 3 years later because 'Pac never told the truth.

Treach is enraged. Just a sample of his lyrics in "Whoooh":

"Death to his soul, his turntables and motherf***ing old stinkin' ass grandparents
'Cause they old asses had a orgy with Lucifer
Now you got a date with death from a Naughty n***a that's shootin' ya"

Treach tells us Flex is "banned worldwide" for disrespecting the dead, plus ... "Who the f**k is any DJ to talk about anybody who made your career by making hits for you to play? All you do is spin records, you dirty bag of ashy elbows!"