Ellen DeGeneres Seacrest Hasn't Met a Job He Didn't Like!!!

5/20/2017 7:00 AM PDT

Ellen DeGeneres Chows Down with Ryan Seacrest and Talks 'American Idol' (VIDEO)


Ellen DeGeneres made one thing clear and another thing unclear ... Ryan Seacrest is a workaholic who may or may not become the host of the "American Idol" reboot.

Ellen and wife Portia de Rossi were leaving Crossroads Kitchen in WeHo Friday when our photog connected the dots, knowing that Seacrest was inside the restaurant at the same time. Ellen and Seacrest are tight, so it's not a big leap to conclude the 2 broke vegan bread together.

So the questions ... Is she open to an "Idol" gig? Did Seacrest say he was open? Ellen is open to answer only one of those questions.

BTW ... take it to the bank. Seacrest's gonna be the host.