XXXTentacion Gimme That Stage Dive Crown!

6/6/2017 4:40 PM PDT

Rapper XXXTentacion Goes for Stage Dive Crown, Your Move Wifisfuneral!

XXXTentacion tried really hard to top his tour mate, Wifisfuneral, with 2 INSANE crowd surfing moments during a show in Scottsdale.

XXX climbed about 15 or so feet above the crowd, before launching himself on top of his fans. We'll say this ... they're really loyal, because he survived. The rapper also allowed himself to be hurled into the mosh pit Sunday night -- and again, walked away in one piece.

Much better ending for XXX than his homie, Wifi, who got the piss beat out of him last week when he did a front flip into the audience. 

We know this -- do NOT look down when you're at this show.