Bill Cosby Mistrial Prosecution Speaks ... We're Not Giving Up!!

6/17/2017 7:25 AM PDT

Bill Cosby Mistrial, Prosecution Vows to Retry the Comedian

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The DA in the Bill Cosby sexual assault trial vowed to move forward to re-try the comedian and seek justice.

Prosecutor Kevin Steele praised his client and alleged victim Andrea Constand for her courage and indicated she's cooperating to move forward with a retrial.

Steele also spoke on how he hopes this trial will help other sexual assault victims come forward ... specifically in cases where the victim is drugged. He insists his legal team will be ready for a re-trial whenever the judge says -- at this point it's 120 days.

As we reported ... prosecutors made the decision to try Cosby again -- even before finding out how the jury split on the 3 counts of sexual assault. We're still waiting to hear the breakdown ... jurors deliberated for 53 hours before saying they were hopelessly deadlocked