Justin Bieber Hangs with FRIENDLY Chick In South of France

6/30/2017 9:25 AM PDT

Justin Bieber Strolls with Nice, Friendly Chick in South of France

Thanks to some divine intervention ... we've learned Bieber's friends are Laura and Ava Lentz -- wife and daughter of his pastor and pal Carl Lentz

Nothing to see here, folks.Justin Bieber's a fan of three's company ... it's how he rolls.

The Biebs was hanging onto a brunette beauty while walking near the shore in the South of France. The younger girl appears to be tagging along -- maybe the daughter of Justin's companion? Whatever ... he doesn't seem to mind.

Justin's girl has great taste -- not because she's with him. Check out her Kate Moss tank.

Looks like he made the most of an off day from performing. JB's back to work Friday night as the Purpose tour hits Wales.