Milo Yiannopoulos I'm the John Oliver of the Right ... And No One's Close!!!

7/7/2017 7:46 AM PDT

Milo Yiannopoulos Says He's The John Oliver of the Right


Milo Yiannopoulos says he's just like John Oliver ... except way on the other end of the spectrum. 

The extreme right-wing conservative made the comparison Thursday night as he was leaving The DL in NYC where he went off on famed publisher Simon & Schuster for cancelling his book deal.

You'll recall, Milo took a bunch of L's back in February -- UC Berkeley cancelled his speech after violent protests erupted on campus. He then was forced to resign as senior editor at Breitbart after defending pedophilia in a year-old interview that resurfaced. The mounting pressure prompted Simon & Schuster to act.

Check out what Milo has to say about all that and why he's suing the publishing giant for $10 million. And why he says he's the next and only right-wing entertainer to counter the likes of Bill Maher and Oliver.