Wrigley Sues Stop Using Our Gum To Sell E-Cigs!!!

7/16/2017 12:30 AM PDT

Wrigley Sues E-Cigarette Company For Wrapper Stealing


Wrigley is suing a Chicago e-cigarette company for using its Juicy Fruit and Doublemint gums to double smokers' pleasure. 

In their lawsuit, Wrigley says Chi-Town Vapors has been selling vape juices that copy the packaging of its 100+ year-old gum.

Wrigley says it contacted Chi-Town Vapors in July 2014, telling the company to stop selling the products and Vapors backed off, but only for a few months. Wrigley says the company then resumed its operation in November 2015, copying the gum's green double arrow design on the packaging but abbreviating the e-liquid's name to Dbl Mint.

Wrigley sent another cease and desist letter it went ignored. Then Chi-Town Vapors began selling a Joosy Fruit e-liquid flavor.

Wrigley wants Chi-Town Vapors to stop all sales of the e-liquid products and to collect any profits it's made off them.

We reached out to Chi-Town Vapors ... so far no word back.