O.J. Simpson Free to Booze and Smoke Pot, But ...

7/20/2017 1:17 PM PDT

O.J. Simpson's Parole Conditions Allow Him to Drink Alcohol and Smoke Weed

O.J. Simpson's on his way to being released from prison, and once he's a free man he'll also be free to imbibe and smoke weed ... as long as he's responsible about it.

The conditions of Juice's parole allow him to "consume alcoholic beverages but not to excess." O.J. will occasionally be tested for it, but if his BAC is under .08 ... he's in the clear.

Simpson's not allowed to use any controlled substances without a prescription from a doctor, and the same goes for marijuana. BUT, if he's prescribed medicinal marijuana ... he's got a green light to the ganja.

Here's the wild card ... he must obey all laws. One member of the parole board made it clear ... even a small lapse could land him back in prison.

The rest of his conditions are pretty standard -- don't associate with convicted felons, no weapons and make regular check-ins with his parole officer.

Not bad for a guy who was looking at 24 more years of hard time just hours ago.