Charlottesville Killer Showed No Signs of Aggression In May Cop Encounter

8/14/2017 9:51 AM PDT

Charlottesville Killer Showed No Signs of Aggression in May Cop Encounter


The Charlottesville killer was polite, cooperative and even contrite just 3 months before his monstrous attack on civilians. 

TMZ's obtained dash cam video of James Alex Fields being pulled over by cops in Maumee, Ohio back in May ... in the same Dodge Challenger he used in the deadly attack in Charlottesville.

You see the cop pull Fields over for expired tags. Fields is nothing but cooperative, repeatedly answering "yes sir."

The cop lets Fields skate despite not having proof of insurance.

Fields did get cited for the expired tags and we learned he paid the $150 ticket. 

Fields was behind the wheel when he rammed the Challenger into a crowd of protesters ... killing 1 and injuring 19.