Mike Epps Cuts Losses in Casino Brawl ... No Jail, Little Cash

8/24/2017 10:19 AM PDT

Mike Epps Avoids Jail In Casino Brawl


Mike Epps has probably lost more money on a high-stakes table than he'll have to dish out in fines for beating down a dude in a New Orleans casino.

Epps pled no contest Thursday to misdemeanor battery charges stemming from the February brawl at the NOLA Harrah's. He got a 30-day sentence but it was suspended, so no time behind bars.

He also has to pay a $175 fine and $125 in court costs. Bottom line -- he's walking away for the low low price of $300.

As we reported, Epps allegedly left the victim with a black eye and neck pain after the attack.