President Trump I'm Really the Best At Corny Twitter Jabs at Obama

8/24/2017 6:40 AM PDT

President Trump Eclipses President Obama ... in Corny Retweets

President Trump is a sucker ... for 3-day-old Twitter memes ... especially ones that proclaim him to have somehow eclipsed President Obama.

Early Thursday morning, as POTUS scanned his social media, he couldn't resist retweeting a pic showing 45 eclipsing 44 with the caption, "The best eclipse ever."

Truth is ... the opposite image, in support of Obama, made the Internet rounds too. Again ... THREE days ago.

Bottom line:
- Absurd use of the President's time? Check
- Late jab? Check
- Ridiculously petty? Check 

Yeah. Someone definitely shoulda worn more appropriate eyewear during the actual eclipse.