CNN Harvey Coverage Commercial Boasts 'Americans are Loving the HurryCane'

9/1/2017 6:39 AM PDT

CNN Harvey Coverage, Commercial Boasts, 'Americans are Loving the HurryCane!'

10:26 AM --  A spokesperson for CNN tells us the ad in reference did not appear nationwide on CNN. The network added, "It is a local ad run in a local market, of which we have no control over. CNN does not sell or control locally-run advertisements."

CNN has been covering Hurricane Harvey almost nonstop, which makes a commercial that ran Friday night at 9:30 PM PT all the more shocking ... a 60-second spot for the HurryCane.

It's an ad hawking a cane that helps people walk with ease. For a full minute you hear people say, "I love my HurryCane" and "People are falling in love with the HurryCane."

"I Love how secure I feel with my HurryCane."  And there's more ... "Americans are loving the HurryCane."  And, "They love how it stands on it's own."

And it's offered at an "historically" low price.