Tyler Perry Donating $1 Mil for Harvey Relief $250K to Osteen's Church

8/31/2017 4:31 PM PDT

Tyler Perry Donates $1 Mil for Harvey Relief to Various Charities, Including Joel Osteen

Tyler Perry's joining the Hurricane Harvey million dollar club ... donating his own cash to relief efforts and spreading it around to charities that have boots on the ground.

Tyler commended the massive relief efforts in Houston  ... committing to a $1 million gift. He went to bat for Pastor Joel Osteen too, who's taken heat for not immediately opening the doors to evacuees. 

Tyler says he knows Joel well and that's simply not the case ... and he's giving him $250k to show he's still got his back.

Perry's also giving $250k to Beyonce's pastor's church, and will decide who to donate the other $500k to soon ... but says he's making sure it gets directly to the people who need it.