Vegas Halloween Stores Come Buy a Toy Gun And Trick or Treat Away

10/9/2017 12:50 AM PDT

Las Vegas Shooting: Vegas Halloween Stores Still Selling Toy Guns


The Las Vegas mass shooting and the horrific carnage it left behind hasn't put a damper on Vegas Halloween stores -- realistic looking toy guns are still for sale.

We called a bunch of stores in the area and they say they'll continue pushing toy guns ... but with a new ground rule. Customers were permitted in the past to test and play with the fake weapons in the store ... that's no longer the case, because they feel it will scare other customers, especially kids. 

The bigger point ... these toys guns are still for sale, which means kids will be brandishing them out on the street on Halloween night, which is a scary proposition given what happened last Sunday.

What's unclear ... will customers and soon-to-be Halloweeners actually buy these fake weapons?