Keyshia Cole Chewed Out By Cop ... Claims She Talked S*** on Him

10/11/2017 7:01 AM PDT

Keyshia Cole Chewed Out by Cop Who Claims She Talked S*** on Him


Keyshia Cole got an earful from a cop who claimed she was making disparaging comments about him while he was just doing his job.

The singer was leaving TAO in WeHo Tuesday night and all seemed fine and dandy because she had already hopped in her Rolls-Royce ... ready to bounce.

Her whip was blocking traffic and the motorcycle cop laid on his horn to get Keyshia's driver to get to steppin'. Then, another problem -- someone in the car called him a name.

Check it out ... the cop confronts Keyshia, who denies she said anything, but doesn't deny something was said.