Ted Cruz to Trump: Release the Secret JFK Files! My Fam's Got Nothing to Hide!

10/23/2017 3:19 PM PDT

Ted Cruz to Trump: Release the JFK Files, My Fam's Got Nothing to Hide!


Ted Cruz says he really hopes President Trump releases ALL of the secret JFK assassination files -- so everyone can see once and for all if his father was REALLY involved in the plot. 

President Trump himself has previously suggested Ted's dad Rafael had some sort of role in the killing -- saying, "His father was with Lee Harvey Oswald prior to Oswald being, you know, shot."

It appeared Trump was referencing a National Enquirer article that featured a photo of Oswald handing out pro-Castro pamphlets with another man it claimed to be Rafael Cruz

Ted has called BS on the story in the past -- but now with Trump pledging to release all of the JFK docs, his family could be vindicated once and for all ... and Ted seems excited.