Meghan Markle Citizenship Won't Block Royal Title

12/1/2017 7:51 AM PST

Meghan Markle Can Still Become a Princess as an American Citizen


Meghan Markle won't have to wait to become a Brit before she gets to use a royal title ... that is, if Queen Elizabeth is game.

TMZ broke the story, Kensington Palace told us Meghan won't be cut a break to become a British citizen. She'll have to wait up to 5 years, like everyone else. That said, it calls into question whether she can become a princess or a duchess during the time she's a lady in waiting to become a Brit.

Our rusty trusty Buckingham Palace sources tell TMZ ... Meghan's citizenship won't be a buzzkill for her becoming a true Royal. We're told the Queen has the power to bestow a title on Meghan, even before she becomes officially British.

If the Queen makes Meghan an HRH, it will be the first time an non-Brit gets the title.