Al Sharpton Protest is Bigger than Meek Mill ... And He Knows It

12/2/2017 6:57 AM PST

Al Sharpton, Meek Mill Knows Protest is Bigger than Him


Rev. Al Sharpton gave our photog a debrief on his prison meeting with Meek Mill, and it's clear the rapper's incarceration has changed his life.

Sharpton was leaving NBC Friday night when he told us Meek is staying strong behind bars and knows the protests to free him are about more than one individual ... it's part of a civil rights movement which Meek is going to join when he's free.

The good Reverend thinks it's absurd that Meek got 2 to 4 years for poppin' a wheely... something for which he was never even charged. 

As for Judge Genece Brinkley who sentenced Meek, Al thinks she's totally biased and should know better, especially because she's black.