Rep. Al Green Impeaching the Prez Still in Play ... We're Making Progress!!!

12/7/2017 10:50 AM PST

Rep. Al Green Determined to Move Forward with Trump Impeachment Despite Setback


If Texas Rep. Al Green's discouraged by his attempt to impeach President Trump getting shut down by the House of Representatives ... he's not showing it.

We got Green on Capitol Hill Thursday and asked about 58 Democrats voting to move ahead on 86'ing Trump from office -- not nearly enough to make it happen -- but he still chalks it up as a win.

Al says he's still got options and gave props to the other 57 "good people" who are on his side ... and makes a solid pitch to recruit more.

As for the singer who shares his name ... Al tells us he's always been a fan and rattles off his 2 favorite songs without hesitation.