Kris Jenner I'm Free to Use 'Momager' Now! With a Big Ol' BUT

12/16/2017 12:30 AM PST

Kris Jenner Now Free to Use 'Momager' Trademark, with a Big Ol' But


Kris Jenner can now slap the word "momager" on a bunch of stuff but not the very thing that made her a household name.

Kris just locked down a trademark for "momager" after a 2-year battle, but there's a giant caveat -- she agreed not to use it for any reality TV or web programming. 

Kris applied for this in 2015, but the trademark office blocked her, claiming the name was too similar to an existing trademark someone had for "momanger." The OG owner of the trademark is still free to use the "momager" rights on a ton of stuff, including on a web show or reality TV.

According to new docs, Kris and the "momanger" folks settled the dispute in November.

So, if Kris gets a 'KUWTK' spin-off, her options for a catchy title just went down by one.