Niecy Nash Read My Eyes, Omarosa!!! Ain't No 'Black Woman Civil War'

12/16/2017 9:41 AM PST

Niecy Nash Shades Omarosa's Call for 'Black Woman Civil War'


Niecy Nash's eyeballs are a lock for Hall of Shade after what they did to Omarosa.

When we saw Niecy at LAX Friday, we put her on the spot -- is she team Robin Roberts or team Omarosa? Y'know that they say about asking a silly question ... well, it wasn't true in this case.

Thank God we asked, otherwise we might have missed one of the greatest side-eye displays ever. Niecy knows all about Omarosa reportedly calling for a "black woman civil war" after Robin hit her with a "bye, Felicia" earlier this week. 

As for Omarosa making up with the black community post-Trump? Niecy's eyes tell no lies.