Logan Paul Fires Back at Flobots Stop Bashing My 'Handlebars' Remix

12/28/2017 8:09 AM PST

Logan Paul Fires Back at Flobots, Stop Bashing My 'Handlebars' Remix!


"I can ride your girl with no handlebars ... no handlebars, no handlebars."

Misogynistic lyrics?! Hell no ... so says Logan Paul, who's firing back at the Flobots after the band blasted his "Handlebars" remix as dumb and sexist.

BACKSTORY: Paul released "No Handlebars" back in November and it blew up -- more than 28 million views on YouTube. The whole song contains nonsensical lyrics about riding a chick like a bike. 

Flobots founder Jonny 5 HATED the remix and blasted him in a response diss track -- claiming he disrespected the original version ... and clowned Logan by saying, "Looks like Donald Trump's kid has arrived."

He also called Logan young, dumb and attention-starved -- pretty aggressive stuff. 

So, when we saw Logan at LAX, we had to ask what he thought of the Flobots diss -- and he had some shade of his own to throw ... playing the "Who are they?" card. 

He also argued that he's not a misogynist -- he's just an artist trying to do creative things ... and doesn't really know what "riding your girl with no handlebars" really means. 

Yeah, right ...